Breaking Down the Digital Barriers to Education

With many educational services pushed online, institutions must be able to provide the same learning experiences as traditional in-person learning. This requires new collaboration tools, equipped with personalized features to fit your institution.

Connex Salesforce

Equip your institution with the #1 CRM in the market. With Connex Salesforce, you will be able to manage entire student lifecycles. Unify and manage all students from prospective, enrolled, alumni, and sponsors. Institutions usually sit on an abundance of unused data which can be leveraged with CRM to create actionable insights and personalized experiences.

Agent Engagement

Empower your employees with the right tools to help them succeed. Utilizing technologies such as Workforce Optimization, Connex Interactive Intelligence Customer Engagement Ecosystem (IICE), and Desktop & Process Analytics helps to lower operating costs and increase productivity.

Personal Collaboration

Provide your employees and students with high-quality audio and visual devices with our partners Logitech, Yealink, DTS, and Avaya to provide a tailored selection of devices to meet your specific requirements.

Room Collaboration

Equip your classroom with the ability to switch from in-person, hybrid, and remote attendance with the click of a button with a range of cameras, speakers, microphones, touch panels, and more.