Technical Assurance Testing

Deliver elevated experiences
to your customers

Technical Assurance Testing

Optimize your customer experience through automated voice, web chat testing and monitoring services

Obtain key insights and information to perfect the operational performance of your contact center and chat systems.

Remove operational uncertainty from your contact center technology with an automated testing and monitoring solution, available through our partnership with TekVision. Most CX issues only reveal themselves to customers when they contact your business, creating a frustrating experience that organizations only hear about if the customer relays the problem at the time of contact. Service-affecting problems like outages or critical failures can suddenly halt operations altogether at the busiest and most inconvenient times.

Each customer call into your contact center systems can have up to a 10% chance of experiencing issues like:

  • Dropped calls
  • Incorrect prompts
  • Lengthy delays
  • Garbled audio
  • Data Dip troubles (delays or failures)
  • Network or telco problems

Virtual assistant (chatbot) testing also provides insight into common problems customers encounter including delayed responses, incorrect prompts or replies, and knowledgebase query issues.

Automated monitoring and testing can help you proactively detect and identify these service-affecting issues before they can become problems for your valued customers. TekVision’s cloud-based solution can be used to test and monitor any contact center technology, including Genesys, NICE-InContact, Avaya, Amazon, Five9, Cisco and more.


Comprehensive, scalable automated testing solutions designed to emulate human interactions with your IVR, NLU (Natural language), UC and chatbot systems.

CX Monitoring

Remove the guesswork, time, and hefty financial overheads of manual testing methods to gain actionable insights through real-time identification of critical CX issues and reduce them by up to 90% from baseline.

Load Testing

Will your systems handle high volume loads during peak business periods? Load Testing prevents potential outages and catastrophic failures by simultaneously emulating thousands of human interactions to identify critical technology and infrastructure issues when upgrading, migrating or rolling-out cloud and premise-based systems.

Regression Testing

Major upgrades, updates and migrations can result in a range of issues like poor call routing, invalid prompts and call flows, and incorrect language treatment. Thorough, automated testing before cutovers will help you identify flaws and roadblocks, while accelerating go-to-market timelines that manual testing methods simply cannot accomplish.

CX Benchmark Testing

Capture periodic snapshots of your CX systems to see how your performance compares to industry-specific baselines so you can keep ahead of the competition and improve your customer satisfaction rates.

Migration Testing

Proactively identify problem areas in your cloud migration through a combination of CX monitoring, Load and Regression testing to ensure optimal telco, network and software operability, reducing the extensive overheads and time-investment of pre-cutover manual testing methods.

Avoid the extensive time and cost of manual testing with an automated assurance testing solution, expertly managed by Connex.

We’ll help you proactively monitor and maintain the health and performance of your contact center environment so you can gain key insights to identify and correct service-affecting technology issues before they become customer-affecting.

Contact us today to learn more about improving your customer experience through automated testing and monitoring.