Virtual Assistant Hub

Virtual Assistant Hub

A Home for your Chatbots, Voicebots and Customer Service Virtual Assistants

VA-HUB is a platform that allows you to create, teach and publish your own virtual assistants with complete branding and color selection.  

Automate your most repetitive customer service questions with a knowledge-based chatbot, that can ingest documents and web pages, to give you multiple question and answer pairs to edit and publish.  

Leverage the best of generative AI (GenAI) along with human intervention that allows humans to review and edit every answer that the virtual assistant produces. This allows for more control and guardrails to prevent the VA from using language not appropriate to the audience.  

Tie the VA directly to digital channels to allow automated responses to chats from Facebook, WhatsApp and other digital channels.  

Publish your Virtual Assistants with an easy to copy and paste script, on any web page or set of pages.  

You can also leverage the same technology to provide Voicebots for your NLU driven IVR. Whether digital or voice, start your VA journey with Connex.  


Work within the Connex framework on your long term automation goals. VA-HUB Knowledge based bots are just the first step in your journey to self service excellence.


Simple VA’s are based on the knowledge they are provided. Upload documents, scrape web pages and let your VA answer the most common questions.


Smart VA’s are task driven. They complete specific tasks that aid in the user’s journey. Some of these can include authentication into backend systems, appointment setting, form filling, order status, shipping status and re-order status. Smart bots are the finely tuned experiences that get users from point A to point B.


Complex VA’s or Journeys, are collections of Simple and Smart VA’s, paired together, in a particular order to create an end-to-end customer journey. This stage of VA development is the most intricate, as it involves guiding users down specific paths, with specific outcomes attached. Consider these types of VA’s as critical user guides, or use them to solve specific complex problems that web users frequently ask about. The goal of Complex VA’s, is to direct traffic away from your customer service agents.